"It (the life story) was perfect. I knew it would be; that’s why I asked Gloria to do it. My brother, was an interesting character that we all loved very much. When Gloria wrote his “life story”, it was so much like Earl and it showed the love we shared."
- Earline Huddleston

"No one wants to prepare an obituary for someone they love, but Gloria made the process easier. She compiled some stories and anecdotes that made us smile and then delivered it in an interesting, storylike tale. We didn't know what to expect, but it was a well-chronicled look at a life lost much too soon. "
- Larry Starks

"When Gloria wrote our mother’s obituary, we didn’t change a word. We wanted something that was a true reminder of just who Mama was – and that’s exactly what we got. She doesn’t write obituaries, she writes tributes."
- Gwendolyn Kay Booker

"Gloria didn’t write my Aunt Doll’s obituary; she rewrote it as an example of how she would have told her life story. I wish she had written the original story, because the one she wrote made our loved one sound just like she was. It wasn’t clinical. She talked about the person and put more of her character into it."
Brenda West Ammons